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Shiloh is actually a Hebrew word that means "place of peace."  It is a representation of what we want our fitness center to be.

One of the best ways we can achieve peace within ourselves is through exercise and workouts.  The exertion of energy relieves stress and brings us to a place of positivity and feeling good about ourselves.

See, this is not just about your body - it's about your mind and your spirit as well.  

At Shiloh, we aim to foster an environment where everyone is welcome, regardless of who you.   We want to encourage you to meet your goals physically, but also encourage you to be a part of the community we are building.

Shiloh is peace. It's family. It's wellness. It's community!


  • Working out and exercising release endorphins that cause you to become more joyful! We can all use a little more joy!
  • The more consistently you exercise, the more momentum you build up in other areas of your life!
  • When you take care of yourself, it is easier to overcome other daily challenges. Me time is important!
  • People who are a part of a community are healthier and live longer lives!
  • Too much recreational sitting increases your risk of cardiovascular disease! Get up from the couch and come move with us!
  • Water is the life-blood of our bodies. Our muscles need it to be energized - and to simply function! Drink. More. Water!


Shiloh is pretty great because I was afraid at first I would look ridiculous since I never worked out before, but after being there for over a year, everyone feels kinda like family and I've exceeded my goals. Can't get better than that.

Ricky Ives